About Pebbly

Taking a new-age spin on Gary Dahl’s 1975 classic pet rocks, Pebbly sells dependable companions called Pebbly Pals. Pebbly sends a physical rock to customers, who can creatively interact with their sedentary partner. With the purchase of a  Pebbly Pal, customers are also granted access to the online world where users can customize rocks with accessories and play interactive games.

Pebbly’s pet rocks nurture positive social-emotional health and inspire companionship through a playful online environment. By providing an imaginative outlet for customers, Pebbly paves the way for the start of lifelong friendships.

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Meet The Leadership Team

Jason Kim

Chief Executive Officer

“I believe that a good process will eventually lead to successful results and as such, fostering a company culture of creativity, passion, and innovation is one of my goals for the year. I want every one of our employees to be excited about coming together and creating a great product that they love and feel very proud of.”

“I wanted this role to lead and to inspire. This program has helped me develop into a better person and a better business leader, and I wanted to inspire others to strive for excellence and dedication. As CEO, I hope to fully maximize the impact of my role and bring out the best in every one of our talented employees.”

“I am most excited about the creative opportunities that our unique scenario offers. COVID and a virtual-only environment can be seen as a blessing or a curse, and I want to take a more positive approach. I would like for our company to view this as an opportunity to think critically, imagine creatively, and try something fun, new, and exciting.”

“I strongly believe that challenges and obstacles are created to be overcome; there are no truly insurmountable barriers. Despite the unusual circumstances that we face now, we can overcome them as a company by being adaptable, breaking down the problem and finding temporary solutions, and sticking to a relentless action plan.”

Mahal Montes

Chief Operations Officer

“I’ve always had a soft sport for research and I was so excited by all the possibilities around the concept of Pebbly. I felt that taking on the role of COO would help the company through my experience and enthusiasm.

“I can’t wait till we get our class sweatshirts with our custom department Pebbly Pets. And the first trade fair that the entire class attends is a close second.

“Outside of Virtual, I like coding, playing ukulele and guitar, listening to music, and biking(only downhill).

Lindsey Hirano

Chief Administrative Officer

“Being a part of the team last year helped me develop a passion for this class. I knew I wanted to make a difference on the team and find ways to support my teammates and this position was the perfect opportunity to do that.

“I’m looking forward to forming core bonds with everyone on the team and seeing what we are able to accomplish this year!

“I love hiking and driving around with friends!”

Matthew Baer

Chief Financial Officer

“I really wanted to use the experience I have gained from my pervious years in Virtual to lead the team to a successful year. I also loved the product we chose and wanted to be a big part in its development and implantation in Virtual Enterprise.

“I am excited to compete in our future competitions and to see the expansion of our website and company.

“Even though I don’t get to do them that often, I love water sports like boogie boarding and swimming. I have also been spending a lot of time with my puppy recently.”

Olivia Yanover

Chief Marketing Officer

“I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Marketing Department since my Sophomore year, and I wanted to lead the Marketing Department the same way my chiefs did in previous years!

“I’m most looking forward to our next Trade Fair and am excited to see the entire company get involved in selling and pitching our amazing product.

“Outside of Virtual Business, I enjoyed participating in clubs like FBLA and Band. In my free time, I talk to friends and watch lots of Netflix”

Mollie Parker

Chief Technology Officer

For the past few years I have been advancing my skills across Adobe platforms and CTO was the perfect opportunity to utilize them! I have always loved being in a leadership position which made CTO appealing!”

I am most looking forward to the new style of trade fairs and competitions which will challenge us to try new methods of marketing and selling! I am also excited to bond with my fellow team members!

“Outside of Virtual Business I love going on drives with my friends, leading South Pasadena’s SkillsUSA Chapter, and playing for our schools Softball Team!”


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Pebbly partners with the Contentment Foundation, a non-profit that provides Pebbly with professional strategies for creating a healthy school community.

As outlined in its contract with the foundation, Pebbly will adapt an established curriculum and create its own lesson plans. Pebbly employees will spend two hours a month each teaching students in local elementary schools how to cope with social-emotional issues.